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STRATEGIES FOR HOPE materials can be used by women’s organisations and youth associations to help girls discuss difficult issues such as HIV, sex and puberty. (Image: USAID / Mariantonetta Peru)


Angélique and Patrick

A very special Congolese couple, who produced the DVD L'Espoir est un pouvoir (Hope is Power).

Angélique Machozi is a young Congolese woman who has been living openly with HIV for several years.  She and her husband, Patrick, live with their three young children in the town of Bunia, in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  When Berdine van den Toren* visited Bunia, she took time out to meet Angélique and Patrick.  Here is her report:

If ever I have met a couple full of life and joy, but also full of…

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‘Call to Me’  launched in Myanmar

Call to Me: how the Bible speaks in the age of AIDS, now exists in Burmese!

Kenyan CBO introduces A-frame level to farmers

More and Better Food used to introduce new techniques to farmers.