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Kenyan CBO introduces A-frame level to farmers

'More and Better Food' used to introduce new techniques to farmers

Posted 26 March 2014.

In Western Kenya, a local CBO, Bio Gardening Innovations, has used the manual ‘More and Better Food’ to introduce new techniques to local farmers.

Ferdinand Wafula, who is the organization’s coordinating officer, describes how local farmers learned how to use the A-frame level to make contours before digging a swale (shallow trench) across a slope in order to conserve water:

“We introduced the A-frame to a group of 30 farmers from three villages.  Their farms are all on sloping land,…

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New book and film tell the story of TASO

Strategies for Hope and TASO (The AIDS Support Organisation) have launched a new book and film.

Amazing sponsored Himalayan mountain climb

Siyin Lim contributes to AIDS prevention efforts by climbing a 6000m high mountain in the Himalayas

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