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New film: ‘L’Espoir est un pouvoir’ (Hope is Power)

New DVD, available in French only.

When Angélique Machozi was diagosed HIV-positive, her world fell apart.  Recently qualified as a nurse, this young Congolese woman seemed headed for a bright and happy future.  “I was certain,” she said, “that the result of the HIV test would be negative.  Unfortunately for me, it was positive.  I was totally shocked.  I wasn’t prepared for a positive result.  I felt that my life had lost its meaning.”

In this film Angélique describes how she found the courage to speak openly to her family, the members of her church and the wider community about her HIV-positive status.  She describes how she and her husband, Patrick, were married in their local church in the town of Bunia, in the north-eastern corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Many church members did not agree that an HIV-positive person should be allowed to marry an HIV-negative person in church.  Something like this had never happened before in their church. The two pastors who officiated at the marriage ceremony explain on the film why they decided to proceed with the ceremony. 

Angélique with her husband Patrick and her first baby.

Angélique and Patrick then formed an NGO, Action Chrétienne contre le VIH/Sida, which works with local churches in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This 27 minute film (available only in French) is their first production.  It describes how, with good medical care and strengthened by her Christian faith, Angélique has learned to live positively and openly with HIV.  She and Patrick now have two healthy young children.

The Strategies for Hope Trust has provided technical and financial support to help Angélique and Patrick edit their film and distribute it more widely. To order copies of the DVD please contact Angélique Machozi (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or Patrick Kisembo (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

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