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Publication of ‘My Life - Starting Now’

Lucy Steinitz with secondary school students at Osiri Refugee Camp in Namibia, where this new manual was pre-tested.

A new manual in the CALLED TO CARE toolkit.

This new, 80-page manual focuses on knowledge and lifeskills for young people aged 10-15. It places special emphasis on reproductive health within the total process of growing up.

The co-authors of My Life - Starting Now possess a unique combination of experience and skills.  Lucy Steinitz in Namibia has written and edited numerous training manuals for young people on HIV, gender, sex and sexual behaviour.  Eunice Kamaara in Kenya has many years experience of educating young people in lifeskills and producing educational materials.

Illustration: Marika Matengu

The book contains illustrations by the Namibian artist, Marika Matengu, and the Zambian artist, Danny Chiyesu.

A draft of the book was extensively pre-tested in the secondary school at the Osire Refugee Camp in northern Namibia.

My Life - Starting Now is no. 8 in the CALLED TO CARE toolkit, which consists of practical, action-oriented workbooks on various aspects of HIV and AIDS, designed for use by churches and community groups in sub-Saharan Africa.

My Life - Starting Now is available from:
The Christian Literature Fund in South Africa. Click .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Or can be downloaded from this website.


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