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SFH at HIV Prevention Summit

Mr Kabirou Oumarou, SFH representative in Belgium, on the STRATEGIES FOR HOPE stand at the Belgian HIV Prevention Summit. (Image: SFH)

By: Trish Attwooll.

STRATEGIES FOR HOPE manuals and films were on display at a recent international conference in Brussels.

The HIV Prevention Summit was organised by the Belgian Research AIDS & HIV Consortium (BREACH) in September 2012.

The conference brought together a huge range of people involved in HIV prevention, including doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, epidemiologists, people living with HIV, political leaders, civil servants and representatives of NGOs and community groups. The SFH stand was run by the SFH marketing associate, Trish Attwooll, and SFH representative in Belgium, Mr Kabirou Oumarou.

STRATEGIES FOR HOPE staff member, Trish Attwooll (left) with Fati Heinzel, from the diaspora community of Niger in Belgium.

SFH materials were seen as particularly relevant to sessions on community-based approaches to HIV prevention amongst immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, especially through churches. Grâce Ntunzwenimana, of SIDAIDS Migrants/SIREAS in Brussels is currently using several of our CALLED TO CARE workbooks with an HIV-support group.