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A Facilitator’s Guide to What can I do?

Accompanies DVD "What can I do?"

This 48-page Facilitator’s Guide, is designed to accompany the film “What Can I Do?” and enables groups to explore in greater depth the issues which the film raises. The film, designed to combat HIV-related stigma, shame, discrimination and denial in churches, features Canon Gideon Byamugisha from Uganda - the first African priest to disclose his HIV-positive status. Canon Gideon talks about the need for his fellow Christians to do away with judgemental attitudes towards HIV-positive people, and instead to offer them love and support. ‘Churches need to spread hope, not fear,’ he says. He goes on to tell how his wife died of an HIV-related illness and that he too found out he was HIV-positive. He accepted his status and disclosed it to his family and friends, and also to his Bishop. Later he married a woman who was also HIV-positive.

By: Christian Aid and Strategies for Hope

48 pages; published 2004; ISBN 978-1-905746-53-8 (E-book)

Download A Facilitator’s Guide to What can I do? as a pdf file.