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Parenting: A Journey of Love

Knowledge and skills for parents and guardians

Focuses on the knowledge and skills which parents and guardians need to provide their children with protection against threats to their health and wellbeing, and to give them the best possible start in life. Uses stories, poems, quotes, Bible studies, games and participatory exercises.

The author, Fulata Lusungu Moyo, PhD, is a mother on a journey of love with her three sons and numerous other young lives. As Programme Executive for Women and Gender with the World Council of Churches, she finds joy in learning from other women and men about their own parenting journeys. She is also Coordinator of the Circle of African Women Theologians. A Malawian national, she holds a doctorate in Gender and Sexual Ethics from the School of Religion and Theology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

What our users say about Parenting: a Journey of Love:
Parenting: a Journey of Love taught us that roles of parenting are very important. E.g. behaviour control, respect for individuals, connection through love. These are very vital.” (Pastor Bwambale Alfonse, Alpha Children Ministry, Uganda)

“This is what we parents have been missing all these years that SFH has provided to us. If our parents has been behaving towards us as this book prescribes, we would have grown up so differently. But it is not too late anyway.” (Amungwa Anthanasius Nche, Sustainable Health and Development Effort Group, Cameroon)

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By: Fulata Lusungu Moyo

56 pages; published 2011; ISBN 978-1-905746-38-5 (E-book)

Download Parenting: A Journey of Love as a pdf file.