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Positive Voices

Religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS

The CALLED TO CARE toolkit consists of practical, action-oriented booklets and mini-manuals on issues related to HIV/AIDS, designed for use by church leaders, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

The first booklet in the series, Positive Voices, brings together the experiences of 14 African religious leaders – 12 Christians and two Muslims – who are either living with HIV or are personally affected by HIV and AIDS. They include ordained religious leaders and lay people who have a leading role in their faith community. This booklet has three main purposes:

First, to enable church groups and communities to discuss HIV and AIDS, health, sexual behaviour, and issues related to religion and culture more freely and openly than is usually the case.

Second, to demonstrate that being HIV-positive is not a cause for shame, despair, fatalism or discrimination.

Third, to help reduce HIV-related stigma within faith communities by demonstrating that religious leaders too contract HIV, but that they can also live positively and openly with the virus, serving God even more meaningfully and effectively than before.

What our users say about Positive Voices:
“Before reading Positive Voices, we thought that whoever gets HIV is sentenced to death and that AIDS has no place in religion because only sinners/sexually immoral people get it. But now this book has helped us understand that anybody can get it.(Samson Guloba, Butembe Women with Disabilities Development Association, Uganda)

Download this book (below) or order copies from the Christian Literature Fund in South Africa. Click HERE.

(For information on how to run a training workshop using this manual, please click here to see the CALLED TO CARE Users’ Guide.)

By: Gideon Byamugisha and Glen Williams

40 pages; published 2005; ISBN 978-1-905746-29-3 (E-book)

Download Positive Voices as a pdf file.