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The Child Within

Connecting with children who have experienced grief and loss

This 68-page workbook, containing numerous illustrations, was developed in collaboration with Masangane (‘to embrace’ in Xhosa), an orphan care project supported by the Moravian Church in South Africa’s Eastern Province.  It arose out of a need expressed by volunteer caregivers who were experiencing serious difficulties in looking after orphaned children.

The Child Within
breaks new ground in promoting resilience in children who have suffered grief and personal loss.  It does so by enabling adults who are child care-givers - as parents, guardians, volunteers or professionals - to rediscover and appreciate their own ‘child within’.  Through structured workshop sessions, participants learn how to communicate more openly and effectively with children.

The workbook incorporates a Christian approach to children as ‘a gift from the Lord’ (Psalm 127:3), but can be used by a wide variety of community groups and organisations.  Although based on professional research on child and adolescent development, the book is written in clear, simple language, and is easily accessible to non-professional child caregivers. 

Download this book (below) or order copies from the Christian Literature Fund in South Africa. Click HERE.

(For information on how to run a training workshop using this manual, please click here to see the CALLED TO CARE Users’ Guide.)

By: Judy Rankin, with Rev Renate Cochrane and the Khulakahle Child Counselling & Training Forum

68 pages; published 2008; ISBN 978-1-905746-34-7 (E-book)

Download The Child Within as a pdf file.