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Fazer Acontecer

Um guia para ajudar a sua congregação a fazer o trabalho de HIV/SIDA

(Portuguese edition of Called to Care workbook no. 2, Making it Happen)

Translated and produced by Rede Cristã Contra HIV & SIDA em Moçambique.

Church congregations or communities may feel ‘called to care’ about people infected with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS. But what can they do to assist and support such people? How can they address the broader issue of preventing the further spread of HIV — and how can they deal with the sensitive and divisive issues of stigma, shame, discrimination and denial?

The second book in the series, Making it Happen, is designed to help church leaders and congregations to develop and implement a project that addresses some of the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

What our users say about Making it Happen:
“It is very useful because it guides us to develop a workplan for our activities to be implemented in the reduction of HIV impact on our community. We were able to discover the resources we have around us in the community using the examples stated in this book. It’s interesting to draw a map of our village and show the resources we have around us which can help us overcome difficulties.”(Samson Guloba, Butembe Women with Disabilities Development Association, Uganda)

By: Lucy Y Steinitz

44 pages; English edition 2005; Portuguese edition 2009; 978-1-905746-45-3 (E-book)

Download Fazer Acontecer as a pdf file.

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