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Open Secret

People Facing up to HIV and AIDS in Uganda

Stigma and denial still hamper efforts to respond to the HIV epidemic in many countries throughout the world.

Uganda has achieved greater openness about HIV/AIDS - and towards people living with HIV - than most other countries. This has contributed to a steady decline in HIV prevalence in Uganda since the mid-1990s.

This video depicts how the Ugandan people, civil society organisations, political leaders and government agencies have breached the wall of silence surrounding the HIV epidemic, reduced HIV-related stigma and denial, and so made HIV/AIDS an “open secret”.

Below you can view the full video:

Much still remains to be done in Uganda to cope with the impact of HIV and to curb its further spread. What Uganda has achieved so far, however, gives cause for hope to other countries struggling to cope with the unprecedented challenges presented by the HIV epidemic.


‘PADA’ support group (left) in rural Uganda, seen here performing drama and songs to prevent the spread of HIV.

Video produced by Television for Development and Strategies for Hope, with support from ActionAid, CAFOD, Comic Relief, the European Union, CORDAID, UNDP, UNICEF and WHO.


DVD: duration 36 minutes; produced 2000.