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United Against AIDS

The Story of TASO

United Against AIDS tells the remarkable story of The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) in Uganda.  Founded in 1987 by a group of 16 volunteers — including seven people who were living with HIV — TASO has grown into one of the largest and most widely respected NGOs in Africa.  TASO now provides over 90,000 HIV-positive people and their families with services such as counselling, medical treatment and social support. All TASO services are provided free of charge, including social & economic support, which 66,918 TASO clients currently receive.

The founder of TASO, Noerine Kaleeba (left), speaks on the film about the TASO ‘family spirit’, which has inspired staff and volunteers to maintain high standards of service while expanding rapidly. 

TASO clients describe how the organisation has empowered them to ‘live positively with HIV’ - a term coined by TASO twenty years ago, which has since resonated throughout the world.

Below you can view the full video:

For details about the book that accompanies this DVD, please click HERE.

DVD: duration 49 minutes; produced 2007.