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Innovative CALLED TO CARE workshops in Togo

Making red oil (palm oil).

The organization ACAD-TOGO have found an unusual way of using the workbook Making it Happen from Strategies for Hope.

ACAD-TOGO has organised training workshops on micro-project management using the CALLED TO CARE workbook Making it Happen.  The training was for the 42 members of NOVISSI, a group set up for vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS.  By studying the topics covered by Making it Happen they learnt to produce a business plan, to draw up an application for funds, to learn or improve computer skills and how to prepare a budget.  During the workshops an agricultural expert gave a talk on the most successful crops to grow in the area, and at the end of the workshop the participants decided to hold monthly re-training sessions with Making it Happen.

By planning income-generating activities through these workshops, the participants, in groups of 4 to 6, qualified for grants from the government for their own projects.  The areas chosen were in agriculture, small business and crafts.  The following photos show the various farming projects chosen by the workshop participants.

Red oil/palm oil.  Some groups bought palm nuts to make into palm oil (a very nutritious oil without cholesterol much used in the area).  Trade in this oil can be very profitable.



Maize.  Following funding approval of their proposed agricultural projects, some groups used the money to buy seed and compost; here you can see the hoeing of a field of young maize plants.




Processing of manioc flour, locally known as ‘gari’.  After completing the CALLED TO CARE training, some women chose to make manioc flour which is consumed extensively throughout Togo.  Firstly they bought the manioc and made a paste called ‘aman’.  The machine shown here is then used to remove the water from the paste in order to dry it out.



After this comes the sifting, work that is often done by the children.





Then it is heated.





Finally, here is the flour.





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