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Parents in Kenya on a “Journey of Love”

Workshop participants in Laikipia role playing a conversation from Called to Care workbook no. 10, Parenting: a Journey of Love.

INERELA Kenya has trained 125 church leaders in parenting skills through a series of workshops.

Parenting children is one of the most weighty responsibilities we have in our whole lives.  Yet few of us receive any training in how to be good parents. 

Over a three-month period, INERELA+ Kenya* has trained 125 church leaders (67 women and 58 men) from 8 different churches in parenting skills, using Called to Care workbook no. 10, Parenting: a Journey of Love.  This 56-page Strategies for Hope publication is designed to enable parents and guardians from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and enrich one another for better parenting journeys.

Through highly participatory activities, the participants familiarised themselves with five parental roles identified by the World Health Organisation as crucial to good parenting. 

At the end of the workshop the participants urged the organisers to extend the training to other parts of the country, and to involve church elders, deacons and group leaders from a broad cross-section of faith communities.

Speaking after the completion of the eight workshops, Jane Ng’ang’a, coordinator of INERELA+ Kenya, said: “This workbook is very powerful.  Just hearing the responses of the participants initiated a passion within me and redefined my purpose in life.  I plan to get more information about parenting and child psychology, and to make this my specialised area, maybe to set up a school of parenting for beginners.”

All 8 training workshops were supported financially by the HIV programme of the Church of Scotland, in collaboration with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. 

(*INERELA+ Kenya is the Kenyan chapter of the International Network of Religious Leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS (INERELA+), which supports the involvement of faith leaders in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in their congregations and communities.)

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